6 Must-Haves When Breastfeeding Twins

When breastfeeding twins, don't start without these breastfeeding supplies

Beyond support, support, and support, there are a few products that will help ensure your success as a breastfeeding mom of twins. Listed below are some all-time favorites.


This product is a godsend for breastfeeding moms. During the first few weeks breastfeeding, most moms want to pull their nipples right off. What can we say; breastfeeding can initially be uncomfortable! But throw out your bags of frozen peas ladies, Soothies Gel Pads are petit, discreet, and feel ohhhh so good.


When you’ve had it with your nursing bra (read: now), Lily Padz come to the rescue. When I was told that I could sleep braless with the assistance of Lily Padz, I didn’t think there was any way that was possible. I was wrong. This product prevents leaking without causing irritation. And they make you feel like less of a cow, which is always nice.


Because different women prefer different bras, we’re always hard-pressed to identify a specific nursing bra to recommend. We can, however, provide some criteria to keep in mind when shopping. First, even though you’ll use nursing bras for only a short time (comparatively), don’t skimp price-wise. A cheap bra is a cheap bra, and you’ll feel that reality in a short timeframe. You’ll possibly be wearing this item of clothing around-the-clock, and it’s important that it fit properly and comfortably as well as not wear out after three trips through the washing machine.

Purchase two bras initially, and see how they work for a week or two before purchasing more. You often don’t know just how big your breasts will become until your milk comes in, so it’s easy to buy the wrong size if you purchase it before the babies are born. Wait and see how you like the style and size before you fill your underwear drawer full of bras that won’t work (and that can’t be returned once worn!).

Speaking of which, if you do buy a supply of bras to try out, leave the tags on until you know whether or not they will work. If you buy four of one style, and you try one only to discover it’s a bad fit (literally), you will be able to return the other three unworn or exchange them for a different size or fit.


The ultimate goal when nursing multiples is to nurse them both at the same time! With standard nursing pillows, that isn’t always possible. There simply isn’t enough...well...pillow! With the My Brest Friend or Twin Z Pillow, nursing twins simultaneously (and then getting on with your day) is easier than ever.


When your nipples have absolutely had it, Lansinoh Breastfeeding Salve is the way to go. Put a little on each nipple after each feeding, let your breasts hang out to dry (literally) and you’ll begin to feel some relief. Couple the lanolin with the Soothies Gel Pads and you’ll be close to heaven. Lanolin works wonders on cracked or otherwise damaged nipples as well, which may unfortunately occur before you realize there’s an issue! Luckily, there’s a product that can rescue you and yours.


When you’ve got a question that no book or friend can seemingly answer, or when you simply need a little human encouragement to get you through a particularly stressful day of nursing, what you need is a great support group. La Leche League International is about as expert as it gets when it comes to breastfeeding. Their website is a wealth of information (in multiple languages, to boot!) and also provides information on local support groups.

Be sure to check with the hospital where you delivered your babies or with your pediatrician. Many pediatric groups have lactation consultants on staff, and many hospitals do as well. They are always perfectly happy to assist you as you continue on your breastfeeding journey!

Finally, seek out another mom of multiples who successfully breastfed her twins. The best support and suggestions often come from those who’ve been in the trenches!