The Best Book for Parenting Twins

Goal: Write the best book for expectant parents of twins

I can be a bit competitive, so when I released the 3rd edition of Holy Sh*t...I'm Having Twins! The Definitive Guide to Remaining Calm When You're Twice as Freaked Out be the best book on the market for parents expecting twins. 

But, whilst my competitive nature loves that #1 spot, I only want to be there if my product is TRULY the best in its category for my target reader.

So I was THRILLED when TheDadMom, who has 11-month-old identical twin girls, posted the following review:

Hello, my name is Amy and I’m The DadMom’s wife and mom to our little twincesses. <3  I was given the opportunity to read and review a book by Elizabeth Lyons, titled, Holy Sh*t… I’m Having Twins! The Definitive Guide to Remaining Calm When You’re Twice as Freaked Out.

Of course it’s difficult to find time to read amidst two babies, working full-time, and balancing everything else in life (don’t even get me started on sick kids!) But I have to say, once I started reading this book, I couldn’t put it down! I found myself laughing, crying, nodding my head, and sighing at all the things I could relate to.  Elizabeth has done an excellent job of relaying the reality of what twin life is really like, while giving down-to-earth, real-life solutions. There are a ton of neat tricks and tips for surviving the first year with multiples.

I have so many paragraphs highlighted and pages dog-eared, but one excerpt that I especially love is this:

“Every time I look at a picture from that time of our lives, I smile. The sleepless nights have long since faded away, and I know in my soul how deeply my kids are worth every single painful morning.” …”Go forth. Soak it all up. Take ten deep breaths between each chapter and before each day commences. Trust yourself. Expect the unexpected. Choose happiness. Because holy shi*t; you’re having twins. And I promise, you’ve got this.”

I wish I had known this book existed a year ago! But even now, with Gracie and Sophia almost 11 months old, I still read many things that I can use going forward.  She breaks down everything, from choosing the necessary baby gear, to advice to keep your marriage or partnership strong when life is insane.  It was also nice to have someone truly understand the struggle of raising multiples, and helped me to feel like I’m not alone in it.

If you’re reading this and you’re expecting twins (or God love you, triplets and beyond), YOU NEED THIS BOOK. If you’ve recently had multiples, and you’re still in the dark days when you don’t think you’ll ever sleep again, YOU NEED THIS BOOK. Seriously, keep it on your end table and read the chapters that apply to the stages your kids are going through at that time. I promise it will help to lift your spirits, give you some helpful advice and ideas, and will definitely give you something to laugh about as you change yet another diaper and feed another hungry baby.

I even encourage parents of singletons to read this book  Granted, not everything will apply, but let’s face it: Whether you have one kid or ten, parenting is one of the hardest jobs you will ever do. Why not get some helpful advice to make that first year a little less stressful? Many pages can relate to all parents, including dads too!

Elizabeth was so generous to not only give me the opportunity to enjoy her book, but she also gave The DadMom a couple extra copies to give away! Check out The DadMom on InstagramFacebook, or Twitter next week for info on how to enter to win!


I can't wait to partner with Jon and Amy on this giveaway. They are amazing people, and their blog, Facebook and especially Instagram feed is an absolute must-follow for expectant, new and seasoned parents of twins alike.