Elizabeth Lyons captures the universal discourse of sisterhood while guiding new mothers of twins through the first year.
— Kathy Voit, Labor & Delivery Nurse
Elizabeth’s humorous yet realistic perspective provides new parents of twins with a great starting point from which to embark on that all-important first year.
— Dr. Bob Covert, Leading Chicagoland Neonatologist

Very Simply, we start at the beginning. 

No, silly, not the beginning of time. And no, we don't need to chat about how you got here although trust me, you will be asked that more than a handful of times over the coming months, so it might be good to have an answer at-the-ready. We can help you with that. But here, in this space, we don't have to talk about that. You're welcome. {wink}

If you're wondering who in the heck I am, you can find out more about me here.

Otherwise, let's carry on to the info you're really craving...


From mental and emotional preparation to handling all the questions, comments and concerns (yours and those of friends/family as well as perfect strangers), this section will help you navigate the craziness with grace, confidence and as few panic attacks as possible.

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 From carseats to cribs and bottles to breast pumps, the "multiples" sorority has bought, tried, rolled eyes at and/or cheered for nearly every available product. We're here to tell you what you probably need, likely don't, and positively can't live without. 

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It's a fact: when you have two (or more) people growing inside of you, you're going to expand. And once those people come out of your body, you're going to want to be comfortable. And hey, if you can entertain yourself a bit in the process, ain't nothing wrong with that!

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